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Marshall - 1936


Marshall - 1936

The Marshall 1936 is a smaller Mono / Stereo 2x12" cabinet ideally suited
for use with stereo rack systems. The compact, 150 Watt Marshall 1936 is
perfect as an extension cabinet for combos and can also support a full-sized
head. Smooth ABS plastic corners offer excellent protection for your 1936's
corners, and Marshall's highest quality woodwork includes the 'finger
locking' of each and every joint. Want a portable half-stack? The 1936 is
the solution.

Marshall 1936 at a Glance:


  • The perfect addition to your combo amp

  • Sonically speaking, nothing compares to a Marshall amp

  • Rugged and ready for the road

Smaller in Size Only

The Marshall 1936 is a wonderful addition to your rig when all you need is
another pair of 12-inch speakers! While fully able to handle a full-sized
head, the Marshall 1936 is often used to extend the sound of a Marshall
combo amp. Due to its size and mobility, it's seen in clubs, practice halls
and mid-sized tours everywhere. When you need that Marshall sound, but don't
need a 4x12 cab, the Marshall 1936 is perfect!

Sonically Superior

The only choice for serious musicians. Nothing compares to Marshall cabinets
in terms of awesome tone and projection. Both visually and aurally, Marshall
4x12 (and, in this case, 2x12) cabs are indeed rock and roll history in a

Ready For Your Gig - Wherever That Might Be!

Roadworthiness is a vital prerequisite in the world of relentless touring
and as Marshall's 40 years of cabinet building attests, Marshall cabinets
are definitely built to stand the test of time! Their highly skilled
craftsmen construct these 4x12s from the finest materials available - 15mm
birch plywood with precision 'finger locked' (comb) joints, tough cotton
backed PVC covering, heavy duty hardware and the highest quality fittings.

Marshall 1936 Features:


  • Base type cabinet.

  • Speaker: Celestion G12T-75W

  • 2 X 12"

  • 150 Watt

  • Selectable Mono/Stereo.

  • 16 Ohm, 8 Ohm.

  • Black grille cloth, white piping.

  • Large white logo.

  • Black elephant grain vinyl.

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10/10 (Počet: 1)
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9/10 - Nenašiel som lepší box pre moju Marshall hlavu. Hrá proste dobre, tak ako má...