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18.10.2002 15:04 [hauler]
Odkazy na stránky s naskenovanými tablaturami - Kategorie Hudební teorie
no som tu novy ale chcem timto prospieť ... a ziskať nejake typi .. ale ani pošta nieje vylučena ...

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5.9.2005 15:11 [holkoun]
Re: Metallica...
1. Metallica[1].-.For.Easy.Guitar.Tab.[Guitar].[TAB]
2. Metallica[1].-.Garage.Inc.[Guitar].[TAB]
3. Metallica[1].-.Kill.'Em.All.[Guitar].[TAB]
4. Metallica[1].-.Legendary.Licks.1983-1988.[Guitar].[BOOK+CD]
5. Metallica[1].-.Legendary.Licks.1988-1996.[Guitar].[BOOK+CD]
6. Metallica[1].-.Live.Binge.And.Purge.(Selections).[Guitar].[TAB]
7. Metallica[1].-.Load.[Guitar].[TAB]
8. Metallica[1].-.Play.In.The.Style.Of.(Deutsch).[Guitar].[TAB]
9. Metallica[1].-.Reload.[Guitar].[TAB]
10. Metallica[1].-.Riff.By.Riff.[Guitar].[BOOK+CD]
11. Metallica[1].-.St..Anger.[Guitar].[TAB]
12. Metallica[1].-.The.Art.Of.James.Hetfield.[Guitar].[TAB]

6.9.2005 10:33 [lopez]
Zdravim. Nemate nekdo nascannovane taby od Brian Setzer Orchestra? Dik.
22.9.2005 15:40 [lopez]
Re: holkoun
bud sem natvrdly nebo nevim. nejak mi to stahnuti z qfile.de nefunguje :-/ pisou tam neco, jako ze uz tu "free" sluzbu zastavili. any idea?
23.9.2005 19:05 [holkoun]
Re: lopez
no uz to nejede...kdo pozde chodi....znas to:-)
3.12.2005 22:46 [holkoun]
Re: zopar tabulaturek a skol

02 Open Strings.pdf 28-Sep-2004 09:24 219K
[ ] 04 Chromatics.pdf 28-Sep-2004 09:24 236K
[ ] 2_(Guitar SongBook) ..> 03-Jan-2005 12:53 24M
[ ] 8.PDF 28-Sep-2004 09:25 334K
[ ] 537 - Fernando - Abb..> 05-May-2005 13:32 187K
[ ] 689 - Abba - I have ..> 24-May-2005 17:22 527K
[ ] Adrian Legg - Beyond..> 28-Sep-2004 10:38 3.7M
[ ] Bass Book - ''Slap I..> 21-Dec-2004 11:13 1.4M
[ ] Book - Bass - John M..> 06-Jan-2005 14:21 7.6M
[ ] Book - Bass Method -..> 12-Nov-2004 15:17 13M
[ ] Chords.pdf 27-Sep-2004 17:15 454K
[ ] Complete Idiot's Gui..> 08-Aug-2005 16:52 8.3M
[ ] Dire Straits Money F..> 06-Jan-2005 15:33 10M
[ ] Fender Player Club -..> 05-May-2005 14:00 217K
[ ] Guitar & Bass Book -..> 06-May-2005 18:34 12M
[ ] How To Play Jazz and..> 29-Sep-2004 14:42 6.6M
[ ] MP3 The Definitive G..> 25-Aug-2003 16:48 3.1M
[ ] Mark Knopfler Guitar..> 08-Jun-2005 12:57 6.3M
[ ] Music - Guitar Music..> 29-Sep-2004 14:41 5.6M
[ ] Nirvana - Nevermind ..> 29-Sep-2004 10:11 15M
[ ] Pat Metheny - Guitar..> 28-Sep-2004 10:29 1.5M
[ ] Rhythm Guitar - Comp..> 29-Sep-2004 14:55 21M
[ ] Rock Bass.pdf 14-Apr-2005 11:18 614K
[ ] Sheet Music - Chords..> 08-Jul-2005 17:42 5.1M
[ ] Songbook - The Ultim..> 21-Dec-2004 16:27 32M
[ ] The !!!Real!!! Beatl..> 15-Dec-2004 13:57 13M
[ ] [Spamwar]Curso-Contr..> 14-Jun-2005 14:50 641K
[ ] berklee_basic_arpegg..> 01-Oct-2004 09:40 2.0M
[ ] berklee_basic_riffs_..> 01-Oct-2004 09:36 2.9M
[ ] berklee_bass_practic..> 01-Oct-2004 09:34 1.1M
[ ] berklee_one_chord_ro..> 01-Oct-2004 09:36 2.6M
[ ] berklee_sound_like_s..> 01-Oct-2004 09:37 2.5M
[ ] berklee_voice_leadin..> 01-Oct-2004 09:36 2.1M
[ ] led zeppelin - vario..> 28-Sep-2004 10:33 465K
[ ] pink floyd - dark si..> 10-Jun-2005 14:01 15M
3.12.2005 22:51 [holkoun]
i kdyz uz sem to soupnul do jinyho topicu tak to soupnu pro sichr i sem:-)


password: kamzi
11.12.2005 21:15 [holkoun]
Frank Gambale - Speed Picking (Tab + Audio)
11.12.2005 21:17 [holkoun]
Ultimate Play Along with Mike Stern
pass: Mat.Riks.Info
11.12.2005 21:18 [holkoun]
Re: Frank Gambale Technique Book1&2
Frank Gambale Technique Book1

Frank Gambale Technique Book2

11.12.2005 21:20 [holkoun]
Joe Satriani - Guitar Secrets
11.12.2005 21:21 [holkoun]
John Petrucci - Wild Stringdom
11.12.2005 21:22 [holkoun]
Jeff Loomis a Michael Romeo lekce
11.12.2005 21:23 [holkoun]
Best of Ozzy Osbourne
This is the guitar tab book of Ozzy Osbourne Best Of.

Song list:
1-Black Sabbath
2-Bark At The Moon
3-Crazy Babies
4-Crazy Train
5-Flying High Again
6-Goodbye To Romance
7-I DOn't Know
8-Mama, I'm Coming Home
9-Mr. Crowly
10-No More Tears
12-Shot In The Dark
13-Suicide Solution

11.12.2005 21:25 [holkoun]
Metallica - The Art Of James Hetfield
Here we're glad to read & learn a comprehensive overview of Hetfield's techniques features: more than 70 classic Metallica riffs, six complete guitar solos, an exclusive interview, picking techniques, gear set-ups, Metallica chord charts, photos, and a complete transcription and analysis of "Sad but True".


11.12.2005 21:28 [holkoun]
Improvisation Made Easier + audio(F. Gambale)
Frank Gambale's improvisation book is a twelve-chapter course, with seven lessons per chapter, that covers the twelve most important scales and modes. Each lesson explores the chords, voicings and licks that are derived from each scale. The two enclosed CDs contain 119 recorded music examples (over 50 CD tracks), and the clearly presented text is written in standard notation and tablature.

Password: projectw

11.12.2005 22:57 [Reddog]
Re: holkoun
nebyl by nejakej jazz a blues? tohle jsou sami onanci a metalaci (teda krome tech beatles) :-) treba jazzova rytmicka kytara. v tom bych se chtel zdokonalit :)
11.12.2005 23:14 [holkoun]
Re: RedDog
ano samy metalaci jako napr. Satriani, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale:-) ty wole ty si asi posledniho pul stoleti bydlel na marsu ne?.-)

typicky profil metalove kytaristy (dle Reddoga:-)
Mike Stern Biography

One of the premier guitarists of his generation, the three-time Grammy nominee was born on January 10, 1953 in Boston. After growing up in Washington D.C., he returned to Boston to study at the Berklee College of Music and got his start as a guitar player with Blood, Sweat & Tears at the age of 22. Following a stint with Billy Cobham's powerhouse fusion band from 1979-1980, Mike moved to New York City and was recruited by Miles Davis and played a key role in his celebrated comeback band of 1981 (which also included bassist Marcus Miller, drummer Al Foster, percussionist Mino Cinelu and saxophonist Bill Evans). During his three-year period with Miles, Mike appeared on three recordings with the jazz maestro - Man With The Horn, Star People and the live We Want Miles. From 1983 to 1984, he toured with Jaco Pastorius' Word of Mouth band and in 1985 returned to Miles' lineup for a second tour of duty that lasted close to a year.

In the summer of 1986, Stern went out on the road with David Sanborn and later joined an electrified edition of Steps Ahead which featured Mike Mainieri on midi vibes, Michael Brecker on the Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI), Darryl Jones on electric bass and Steve Smith on drums. Stern made his first recording as a leader for the Japanese Trio label (1985's Neesh) before making his debut on Atlantic Records in 1986 with Upside Downside, featuring such celebrated colleagues as Sanborn, Pastorius, saxophonist Bob Berg, bassists Mark Egan and Jeff Andrews, keyboardist Mitch Forman and drummers Dave Weckl and Steve Jordan. From 1986 through 1988, Mike was a member of Michael Brecker's potent quintet, appearing on Don't Try This At Home. Stern's second Atlantic album, 1988's Time In Place, continued the promise of his debut. He followed that in succession with 1989's Jigsaw and 1991's Odds Or Evens, both of which ably showcased his legendary guitar prowess and musicality. During this period he also formed a touring group with saxophonist Berg that included drummer Dennis Chambers and bassist Lincoln Goines. They remained a working unit from 1989 to 1992, at which point Stern joined a reunited Brecker Brothers Band, appearing on 1992's Return of the Brecker Brothers. (Other notable sideman credits include work with the late, great tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson and the recent live recording 4 Generations of Miles, in which the guitarist joins with other Miles Davis alumni George Coleman on tenor sax, Jimmy Cobb on drums and Ron Carter on bass).

Mike's acclaimed 1993 Atlantic Jazz release, Standards (And Other Songs), led to him being named Best Jazz Guitarist of the Year by the readers and critics of Guitar Player magazine. He followed that up with two hard-hitting offerings in 1994's Is What It Is and 1996's Between The Lines, both of which received Grammy nominations. In 1997, Stern recorded Give And Take with bassist John Patitucci, drummer Jack DeJohnette, percussionist Don Alias and special guests Michael Brecker and David Sanborn. Their freewheeling covers of Sonny Rollins' "Oleo", John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" Cole Porter's "I Love You" and Jimi Hendrix's "Who Knows" helped Mike earn the Orville W. Gibson Award for Best Jazz Guitarist that year. Stern's ninth release for Atlantic was a six-string summit meeting with colleagues Bill Frisell and John Scofield that was appropriately titled Play. 2001's Voices, his first foray into vocal music, earned Mike his third Grammy nomination. And now he ups the ante with These Times. Stern's 12th release as a leader and debut on ESC Records stands as one of the best of his career.
11.12.2005 23:16 [Reddog]
Re: holkoun
no tak houlkoune uklidni se. se nejakej nervni ne? :-)))
11.12.2005 23:17 [holkoun]
Re: Reddog
viz muj prispevek
03.12.2005 22:46:44 [holkoun]
Re: zopar tabulaturek a skol
11.12.2005 23:18 [Reddog]
Re: holkoun
tou vetou sem se te chtel zeptat na jazz a blues a ty me hned beres za slovo. btw. METALlica je zrejme metal ze a Gambale se Satrianim sou pro me onanci
11.12.2005 23:19 [Reddog]
Re: holkoun
no vidis. supr. diky!
11.12.2005 23:19 [holkoun]
Re: Reddog
vypadam ze se nervuju:-) ja se naopak dost pobavil (a neptej se diky komu:-D)
11.12.2005 23:20 [Reddog]
Re: holkoun
smejde! :-)))))))
11.12.2005 23:22 [holkoun]
Re: Reddog
a stahni si toho Leavitta - dle meho komplexnejsi skolu nenajdes... je to od uplnych zacatku az pro velmi pokrocily...
11.12.2005 23:41 [Reddog]
Re: holkoun
jj, dix.
12.12.2005 11:53 [err]
HOLKOUN > Mohl bys to prosim jeste nekde nasdilet - Skoly od Troye Stetiny vcetne audio v1,2
12.12.2005 15:13 [Tomullus]
Nemáte nějaký taby Michala Pavlíčka z desek Pražskýho Výběru??? Něco mi tam fakt není jasné :-)))
12.12.2005 18:57 [holkoun]
Re: Err
zkus tenhle torrent - kdyz to nepujde tak to uploadnu ale uprimne - moc se mi do toho nechce (s uploadem 16 kB/sec by to chvilku trvalo)

je stam jeste toto:

Gary Willis - Ultimate Ear Training For Guitar And Bass (Book)
- Gary Willis - Ultimate Ear Training for Guitar & Bass (AUDIO)
- Ear Training One Note Complete Method - Bruce E. Arnold (AUDIO) (I don't have the ebook)
- Original Randy Rhoads (No audio)
- (Guitar Book + Cd) John Petrucci - Wild Stringdom
- Jennifer Batten - Two hand rock for guitar (Without audio)

5 Troy Stetina's books:
- Heavy Metal Lead Guitar Volume 1 & 2
- Metal Rhythm Guitar vol. 1
- Total Rock Guitar
- Speed & Thrash Metal Method (sorry, no cd)

- The Diminished Scale Book For Guitar
- Terrifying Technique - Instructional Book

630.62 MB

12.12.2005 18:58 [holkoun]
Re: tomullus
mmm tomu rozumim:-))
13.12.2005 15:22 [err]
Torrent nefakci ...
13.12.2005 15:24 [batty]
tracker chce passkey
13.12.2005 17:42 [holkoun]
mmm tak to uploadnu (toho stetinu) ..ale radost z toho nemam teda:-).... dejte mi cas:-)
13.12.2005 18:21 [batty]
Re: holkoun
Prosim i ty ear trainingy. Zajimalo by me co to je.
13.12.2005 19:47 [holkoun]
Re: batty
ja jsem to z tohohle zdroje netahal - takze to nemam - teda mozna to mam, tahal jsem toho kvanta a nemam to jeste roztrideny...tak to checknu...
14.12.2005 11:58 [Sandon]
koukali ste nekdo na ten lick od Romea? http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7IQZ1BK6
to je fakt dobytek :-)
14.12.2005 12:43 [strunal]
Re: Sandon
Me tohle co tam hraje uz prijde totalne suchy, takovy az uz kycovity .. zlatej Gary Moore :-))
14.12.2005 13:57 [MOSquito]
Re: all --
14.12.2005 16:32 [holkoun]
Re: mosquito
je to tady vyveseny v aktualitach uz od vcera.....

sandon jeste ne ale mam to doma:-)
16.12.2005 10:42 [Sandon]
Re: strunal
no ja nemyslim po hudebni strance :-)
16.12.2005 11:26 [strunal]
Re: Sandon
Tak fuska to asi je to nadrit,to jo..
20.12.2005 19:10 [Sandon]
akorat ze u tohohle tlustocha mi prijde, ze pro nej neni problem nic :-)
jinak ten lick je zajimava technika...
me to proste vzdycky bavilo - sbirat takovyhle nesmysly - nikdy nevis, kdy se ti to muze hodit :-)
20.12.2005 19:15 [strunal]
Re: Sandon
:-))) .. no ja to mam prave naopak .. driv sem to taky sbiral a neco podobnyho se naucil .. nebo teda snazil naucit :-)) a pak sem prisel na to, ze ti to je na 2 veci :-)) ze je to moc dlouhy .. kam s tim pak v tom sole :-)))))
20.12.2005 19:21 [nuclear]
Re: mosquito
to je dobra demence!! .. tyvole co jeste velkej american nevymysli:).. atomovku na ne na zmrdy :)
20.12.2005 20:02 [Sandon]
Re: strunal
no ja samozrejme myslim tu techniku, ne celej lick (i kdyz zrovna tenhle se mi libi :-)
vzdycky sem se snazil z toho dostat ten figl, ne primo se tupe ucit ty konkretni licky...
a dost casto se to vyplatilo...jako kdyz ti nekdo rekne - "zahrej tohle" - tak kdyz nemas slusnou zasobu technickych
moznosti, tak to proste treba vubec nedas :-)

konkretne tohle je dobrej for na kaskadovy arpeggia hrany po 4 tonech nahoru, dotedka sem to hral jen jako sweep, tohle me nikdy nenapadlo (protoze se tam obema rukama tapetuje :-) "odnikud" a to nekolikrat za sebou, coz je docela tezky) - ale nektery veci tim sweepem moc nejdou (treba prave zmenseny arpeggia)
skoda ze ani sweepem ani tappingem neumim zahrat ty kaskady dolu :-)))))
20.12.2005 20:06 [Sandon]
Re: nuclear
klid, takovyhle veci se tykaji vetsinou US...krome asi trech druhu ochran CD, ktery se tady ve stredni Evrope na nas jednu dobu testovaly jako na zviratech (jedno z prvnich CD bylo Illustratosphere), tady tyhle veci moc nefici...
aspon podle me :-)
kolik lidi si tady u nas kupuje pisnicky pres i-net, a kolik pouziva i-Pod se vsema temahle vecma, ktery jde hlidat, nebo komu vadi, ze treba Windows Media Player pozna original CD-DA a popripade ti brani v kopirovani?
20.12.2005 20:09 [strunal]
Re: Sandon
Jo jako kostru si to vzit urcite neni spatny a trochu to upravit ale to se mi treba VH libi vic ... tohle je na me moc goticky a s tim mam pak problem :-))) ja sem prisel na to , ze nejsem schopnej se naucit neco co se mi nelibi na 100% .. to si pak porad chodim delat kafe , misto abych cvicil :-)))))))
20.12.2005 20:16 [Kinx]
Re: sandon
ten romeo je dobra inspirace ke cviceni :)) neco takovyhleho bych asi dohormady nedal (natoz abych to zahral)...
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