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26.4.2018 3:53 [fangyuanya]
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China Best 3kw Off Grid Solar Power Panel System 2017
Product Description:
Because residential roofs usually have enough space, the roof solar system is very popular with the family, but also the future of the family indispensable solar photovoltaic system, suitable for energy reproduction.
1. Design: Total capacity 3KWp.
The solar module is connected to the same grid parallel inverter. The module handles the parallel system, connecting the controller into the storage unit for charging. To take full advantage of the battery series, you need to have the same voltage and power on the same series of batteries on the drive. This means that the type of battery series on the same cell must be the same and assembled on the same side.
1.2 Configuration of Combiner Box
In order to reduce the connection between the PV cell module and the inverter, it is convenient to maintain the operating system, and it is necessary to connect the PV array of the bus through the aggregation of the lightning protection box. The enclosure is protected by IP65, and if assembled outside the room, it can be connected to four battery serial numbers on each battery pack.
2.Technology Parameters:
2.1. Solar panel: 72v 250 W 12pcs
2.2. Advice Battery: 48V/200Ah 8pcs
2.3. Controller: 48V 60A 1pcs
2.4. Inverter: 48V/5000W
2.5. Standard load power: 3000w
2.6. Load peak power: 3000W
2.7. Continue work days: four days
3.How to Control quality:
4. Project Show:
3kw OFF GRID IN Queensland
3kw OFF GRID IN Britishsolar panel kits for home price